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Farazad Group was formed in 2016 representing the new-era of the Farazad brands Worldwide. The FG portfolio represents a group of companies’ specialist within their industry sector. Our market expertise empowers us to offer diverse prospects to our clients. FG has a strategic approach of adding value through a range of exceptional operations and management.

About us


Farazad Group (FG) pioneers focusing on opportunities worldwide in particular in rapid growth economies. As such, with our balanced and disciplined approach we are able to provide an independent perspective.


Domiciled across five continents including the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia and United States. We have a proven track record and ability to perform through our dynamic team of dedicated professionals.


Our investment arm has successfully established a trademark within the global finance industry, and our development along with proven industry experience has substantiated a strong root of comfort as a market leader. As an extension to the business, the group expanded operations into structured advisory, specialising in foreign direct investment (FDI) and the buy and sell of trophy assets.

Our Production division, creates and delivers bespoke projects internationally for dignitaries, foreign government officials and business professionals, in an exquisite and exceptional setting.


As the group portfolio broadens and embarks into a new era, the foundation has been strengthened engineering for the future.


Business always presents an opportunity, be it small or large, it only takes a vision and dedication to realise that opportunity. As the global economies undergo fundamental key changes, Farazad Group is evolving and diversifying the business focus and realising the opportunities presented before and across the different companies.


Farazad Group represents a brand of prestige and excellence committed to providing the best possible service to all of its clients. As a team, we continue to grow and develop our foundation further. Our development will continue to expand operations as it already has into commercial development and hospitality acquisitions and joint venture partnership with well different international PE funds.


We have built and continue in building global alliances for the sustainability and establishment of our vision. With the outstanding support of a group of highly talented team, we will continue to identify new markets and best sectors that best represents our brands and core focus.

The future is being set each day and our driving force is our team, together we are arriving at a new phase of history. We are here to innovate and redefine business and create the most transparent and trusted brand possible.



Tel: +44 207 965 7393

67 Grosvenor Street | Mayfair


 London | W1K 3JN | United Kingdom

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